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Shots of Nyquil – A poem –

Shots of Nyquil help me sleep
Sleep I do, but not so deep
Stuck in memories that keep
me shifting, tossing covers.

I am sick but I’m not cold
Still so young but feel so old
Wishing for the path untold
With fear of never trying.

Now I move to make me whole
I’m on a path to keep my soul
trudging grandly, to pay the toll,
a future still in question.

Oh to sing, it would be grand
for them to hear and understand
to look and see and give a hand,
a future that I dream of.

But on I march and quite unsure,
On I march, for I am her,
Steadily working without lure
toward the future I have chosen.

This is my life, or so it seems
This is my life, not stuff of dreams
This is my life, and all it brings
I hope will be enough.

Shots of Nyquil help me sleep
Sleep I do, but not so deep
Tossing covers do not keep
Me warm, but I’m not cold.

Dreaming of the life I’d lead
If I wasn’t drawn by need
To pay for bill, loan, or deed,
Oh what a life in question.


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I’m good enough.

Just that.

That’s all I need to be. Good enough for me. That’s all.

So what if she’s gorgeous and sings like an angel and can arrange symphonies that sound like God himself gave her a hand, and he probably did…

I don’t need to be amazing. I don’t need to be beautiful. I don’t need to wow thousands with me.

I just need to be me and live the best life I can and do what I can with the gifts God gave me.

Which don’t currently include the- Ohmygosh- Sorry, this is so much harder to write as I listen to her, this next verse is amazing. Seriously. She is loveable.

Anyway. Now I have a role model.

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep doing what I can do.

I feel sick. I think I’m going to go to sleep. I can do that.

Sleep and make the bags under my eyes disappear and dream of figuring out what I need to do and having the strength to do it…

Night night.

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