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MORE POETRY????? I think so…

Firstly, please ignore my scattered-emotional-roller-coasterness, and the way I talk about love one moment, and misery the next, and write a depressing poem, and then muse about marriage. Hopefully you already do. Or perhaps you never noticed it to begin with. Ha.

Secondly, thank you for liking any of my posts ever, and thank you for enjoying my poems. You make my flutters of emotional nonsense seem worth it.

Thirdly…Here’s another poem:

I like you.

Said so innocently.
Just a slip of the tongue.
And I don’t even know precisely what you mean.

And of course I like you too.
Just like I liked the guy who
sat with me outside on a sunny day,
but the wind was cold,
so we went inside,
and there he told
me that he liked me.
And he asked where it would lead,
that little liking seed.
But that went nowhere.

But I do like you.

Like I liked the one,
That I liked so much, that some
time before he went away
I said “I love you”,
In a straight-faced way.
And he smiled back, and took a breath,
and said “I love you too”,
with no thought or mess
of emotions inside his pretty head,
he loved just exactly
how he had said.

I like you too.

And then I asked you what you meant,
Just liking me, or liking with more behind it?
and you laughed and said,
we’ll wait and see.
And that laugh, and the patience, comforted me.

For I like you too.
But I don’t know quite how.
And there’s comfort in knowing
that I don’t have to know now.

The end. Thank you for reading. If you have any thoughts, or know what I’m talking about, feel free to comment and share them. Thanks again. -cdukulele


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