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Waking up at normal hours…

So, because of my interest in a guy and my love of Christ, I woke up early Saturday morning to go to Mass and breakfast.

I wasn’t going to, but I recently went to a day reflection type of thing on our gifts and what God’s calling us to do, and at some point the speaker mentioned how sometimes when she has to leave super early for a plane flight, she wakes up at some crazy time in the morning (like…3am) so that she has plenty of time to start her day with prayer. And even though she gets like three hours of sleep on those days, she never feels fatigued. Her point was that because God wants you to talk to him and be with him, and he’s not gonna be like, “Oh, you woke up early to spend time with me in prayer and sacrificed sleep for me, now I will make you MISERABLE all day because you got less sleep!”

So I decided to test this theory and see whether it helped me wake up in the morning.

And I was like, God, the lady at the talk said that you wouldn’t make me miserable, and I probably don’t need to sleep in until noon like I usually do, and that guy I enjoy spending time with is the one who invited me, so if you want me to be there, I will wake up when my alarm goes off.

My eyes were open by the second ring.

So I went to mass and had an exceedingly pleasant day, and while I wasn’t super fatigued, I was definitely in bed by 10pm…

And as I drifted off to sleep I thought…Oh yeah, that nice lady from Church invited me to the 9am mass at her parish, but I am never up in time for those, I usually go to 1pm mass and then just…do nothing with the rest of my day…However, I suppose if I wake up and feel awake I could go…

And four minutes before my alarm was set to go off, my leg started cramping and I woke up and stretched it, and then I was awake, and basically, I went to 9am mass.

Of course, the day I end up going is the same day as their Church festival, and so as a result of waking up early a second day in a row, I talked to a bunch of cool Church people, wound up with a bag of pan dulce, got to see some really joyful tap dancers who were probably mostly in their 70s, and did everything I usually did in a Sunday and more before the time I usually wake up on Sundays…

The point here is that now I’ll probably be conveniently sleepy at 10pm and I’ll probably continue this cycle of waking up early and doing stuff and I think my life may permanently be changed…I may end up being a morning person, and God snuck me into it by having people invite me to do things.

Now I have a bunch of hours of daylight left, so I have to go do things and productively enjoy my Sunday or rest or something. I don’t know….I have so much time when I sleep at normal hours.


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Better in the Morning

Everything is better in the morning.

I’m pretty sure my dreams last night were about you

acting like you loved me and stuff,

and I’m sure that had no impact on me

waking up with hope

and cheerily,

after hitting snooze five times,

because those dreams were just too good to stop.

No impact at all.

It’s always hard for me to stop those dreams,

leave the comfort of my made up reality,

and face the world in which

you love me

but not as much as I hope,

never as much as I dream.

Either my heart forgot its aches in the night,

or I dreamed that you loved me,

either way, I’m somehow better in the morning.

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Posting for realzies!

I keep logging into my blog and start considering posting something, and I even get so far as clicking the little pencil and starting a draft, and then I get distracted and quit.

I still haven’t finished my post for when someone nominated me for some award…I think it was the Versatile Blogger or something. Anyway, I’m tired, and just finished chatting with some person via the computer, so now I’m gonna post, because tired posts written after midnight are always the best…


So…I have a month of grad school left, and then I’ve finished my second semester….I have to write a 15 page paper designing a course by Sunday….I’m getting a haircut tomorrow…and that is my life.

I’ve also been watching random t.v. shows on Netflix for like, multiple hours a night…a lot of Walking Dead.

Last night I dreamed I was pretty much in a floating house train, and their were zombies outside, and by the end of the dream I had killed one with a knife. I have violent dreams, and it’s mostly due to zombies, and I should probably stop watching old episodes of Walking Dead on Netflix, but oddly, it is how my mom and I bond. She makes comments about how stupid the characters are and how they shouldn’t go anywhere alone ever, and I agree with her and point out that no one dies for another episode at least. Yep.

That’s pretty much it. Sometimes on weekends I play a board games with my family, and sometimes I play ukulele. I haven’t written a new song that people have liked since October. You could say I shouldn’t care whether they like it, but 80% of the fun of playing ukulele and singing is performing for other people, and bringing them joy and happiness…So I like writing songs that other people appreciate and enjoy. Sure, I’ll play ukulele anyway, when I’m not in class or stressing about class, or mindlessly watching zombie shows to recover from the boring reality of my chosen future profession (or at least the horrible dullness of the classes for the profession), but being able to share my music with people is just an entirely different level from playing music by myself in my room. I enjoy it, it makes me happy, and when it seems to make other people happy it feels like I’m doing something worthwhile. Unlike watching Netflix, and sitting in my classes. But the classes are working towards a profession where I will help people learn English, and that is worthwhile, and the Netflix is merely fluffing between the work that gives me a chance to try to handle it all again….except for the sake of my sleep I should really switch to a show that is not horror themed.


– Catherine

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How old are you?

Apparently I look like a teenager. I don’t see how this is possible, given that I’m like, 5″10 and I feel like my height alone would make people guess I’m ancient, because according to my niece, age is connected to height. I guess some people have advanced past the thoughts of a five year old, because some recent acquaintance of mine was astonished when they found out we were in the same year of school.

It was kind of funny, he was all chatting on, talking about high school like I was an underling, “Oh yea, I graduated in –this year– ” and after a short pause I was like, “me too!” and he was all “What? I thought you were like, WAAAAY younger than me.” “Uh no…Nope…I’m –this random age that I might have said I was at some point but I’m just going to be vague for the sake of torturing you, while I told him my real age-” And he stared at me in bewilderment.

I don’t know what was so bewildering. I mean, the age that he guessed I was was hardly three years younger than my actual age. Three years isn’t a super big age gap. Unless he thought I was barely the age and he was only guessing it because it’s the legal drinking age and I’ve played music in bars a couple times? Do I really look like I’m a teenager like my brother-in-law said once?

Maybe because I don’t wear make-up?

I saw one of my friends from grade school this year and she said I looked exactly the same, just like I did 10 years ago.

So, I’ve either hit the fountain of youth without knowing it, or people just think I look like a baby because of my face and the fact that I don’t wear makeup. It might be the not wearing makeup thing.

I don’t know. I’m just thinking about it…while I should be asleep, because even if I look like a teenager, I feel like an ancient being.

Oh the irony of having arthritic hips that were once compared to a 70 year old’s, and looking like I’m in high school.

I should go eat some more omega-3 fatty acids.


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I just sneezed like, 10 times while typing up a comment response to a blog post I was reading.

I think it was God’s way of telling me to give up and go to bed.

Either go to bed, or study, anything but spend two hours pointlessly on my computer because I’m bad at handling reality.

Here comes tomorrow.

Tomorrow and the second Grammar test of doom.

I got a perfect score on the first one that I procrastinated studying for, this killed my work ethic for the second one.

It’s hard to study when you didn’t want to study in the first place, and now your teacher made you think you don’t need to study anymore because you passed that test.

But…I don’t really know the stuff for this test.

MAN. First I post about being poor, then I post about being lazy, and every other post is about my non-existent relationship skills.

I feel like I must be obnoxious.


Um, I don’t insult people….to their face….by name….much….

Me failing the test tomorrow could be a good thing. Up my humility. Put my mind back on track. Get me out of the la-la-world where I can’t study because it makes me hate life.

Yes, I’m sure failing a test will make studying in the future a joyous occasion…

I really got to stop with the negativity.

On a happy note, God loves me, no matter how ridiculously poor and lazy and depressed and miserable I am.

Not that I am poor and depressed and miserable.

Why would I be those things?

Maybe because my toe started going numb again and I secretly fear that it is a sign that I am about to die?…NAH.

Oh Sarcasm, my dear friend.

Well, it’s time for me to sleep. I’ll study in the morning. You don’t know me, but in reality I really am a pretty decent student. Hardworking even. Or I was. Eh. Eh eh eh. I can always be better.

– Me


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Staying up til CRAZY LATE

I have a dentist appointment in the morning, SO PAR-TAY!!!!
Just kidding.

I just wrote three letters though.

I sent an anonymous letter to my old apartment back at college.

I was all “HAPPY MONDAY!!!! Or whatever day it is.” Then I told them to pray for me, and I enclosed a dollar.

I was also trying to be sneaky and started writing something about finding the secret item I buried somewhere…But I just wound up being creepy. Yay.



Then I colored it like the four year old artist I am. Scribbles of rainbows.

I really hope that someone still lives at that apartment.

Otherwise I lost a dollar for no reason.

No return address.


WELL, Goodnight people.

Have pleasant dreams.

Say some prayers for me.

Be like, “HEY GOD! Catherine asked for some prayers, so help her out! Because….she said so…please? Thank you. Amen.”

An excellent prayer indeed.

And I will say a prayer for you:

Dear God, take care of whoever is currently reading this blog.
Please let them have a beautiful day, and help them to see your beauty and love in the world that surrounds them, because, you rock. Amen.


– Catherine

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Just a few more words before I sneak off…

I’m going on a lovely trip to visit my best friend from college. I leave Tuesday, and I’ll be gone two weeks.

SHE DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BLOG. Neither does anyone (“anyone” not exactly meaning “anyone”, as many individuals are aware of its existence, but I’m happy living in my imaginary world in which they don’t really know, and will never truly become interested in this blog’s existence or what the author is up to…ANYWAY-). Also, I’m not bringing a laptop.

So there will be silence. For two weeks.

On the other hand, I’ll be out of the state, and since this blog has basically devolved into a messy account of the relationships I trip around, and the guys that would be in them, there will be nothing to write about for two weeks anyway. Because they don’t have guys where she lives.

Ha ha ha. Just kidding.

But seriously, it’s a break from my random little romance thoughts, and from my random little thoughts about me thoughts, and I’m going to take it.

So, I will write you again when I return, or before I leave, and I hope that you have a lovely week. Or several weeks.


– Cdukulele


P.S. On a totally unrelated note, please say prayers for a friend of mine whose dad has cancer. I just wanted to ask you all to pray for him, if you pray, because then at least maybe my silly blog about my crushes and not crushes will help someone. Not that it doesn’t, but it’d be nice if it helped one of my crushes for a change, instead of feeding my own desire for attention and love and venting. I do believe that there is a power greater than ourselves that can and does help us, especially when we ask, and I call him God. If you share this belief, I appreciate your sharing some of your prayers with me. Thank you.

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