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I don’t know where I’m going, I do know where I’ve been, perhaps glancing at the past will tell me what I should be living.

I went to school for years, I listened and was smart. I liked learning about everything, I enjoyed it in my heart.

Now I’m done with school, the school I had planned on for sure, now I don’t know where I’m going anymore.


So, help me, help me, help me if you can see

the answer to the riddle of what exactly I should be.

I know, it’s stupid, irresponsible, and inane, to ask life plans from random people, that’s not even quite sane.


So Go!

Tell me.

But if you tell me jerky things like, go climb a tree, I will be very mad.

And you will never see my beet poem.

That’s right.

I’ll write a poem about a beet and then never show it to you.







…What type of life fits best with someone who enjoys writing, reading, thinking and drinking tea? Surely there’s someone who pays for that. I’d also prefer to avoid fellow workers as much as possible. I’d like to work alone, and solely interact with customers. But happy customers who will love me. I think I want to be a barista. According to my cousin and brother I want to be a hobo. That was after I told them that I wanted to work in a coffee shop or play my ukulele outside and just put a hat in front of me and collect change.
My parents may not support that use of my college degree.But it would only be temporary.
Until one of my crushes realizes that he’s in love with me too and wants to marry me and pay all of my student loans.
Yep. That’s my current life plan.
Find a way to survive until I ensnare some guy.

I am greatly in favor of the old way of life. Where the guy took care of the girl and paid for everything, and she could stay at home and take care of the house and the kids.
I mean, yeah, taking care of kids is WORK, but at least my fellow employee would be someone who loved me and would let me take naps or forgive me if all we had for dinner was tortillas and cheese. And I really like baking. Like cookies, and muffins.
Like, I enjoy housework, and if I had my own house I would probably enjoy it even more.

Seriously, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from preparing a space and making it look beautiful and homey, so that people feel loved and welcome when they come.

But I probably need to get a job. Because the idea of me scoping out potential guys to marry and take care of me creeps me out. In fact, reading that all back to me, my idealized ideas of being a housewife and homemaker kind of freak me out.
Perhaps that’s because I’m twenty two and only had one boyfriend once for three days.
That’s probably why.
Oh yeah, I’m so never getting married.
I was afraid of commitment before the relationship even lasted a week. Yay.

Okay, well, don’t hold these random scattered thoughts and craziness against me, future reader, and like, if you have any brilliant, non-sarcastic ideas, feel free to share them. Or just say nothing. Because I’ve noticed that seems to be the trend around my blog, very quiet readers.

– cdukulele

P.S. My back up plans include being a teacher. Hobo is still an option though.



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My sister is engaged.

My sister is so cute,
And look at her boo!
He’s happy as a clam!
And because of their happiness, you know, I think I am!

Oh look at them,
He’s hugging her,
She’s hugging him.
Okay they are together an awful lot, but you know, they’re in love, so love they’ve got.

Okay. I get it. You’re in love.
Yeah yeah yeah, he’s great, yea yea yea, you’re acting like turtle doves.
Want to talk about something else, or do something beside
Sit on the couch for hours and hide
from the world?

You know, I don’t have a fiancee. Or a boyfriend, or even a friend,
But I get it, you REALLY love each other.
But do you really have to smother
Each other with kisses while I’m in the room?
and then swoon
at the little love pecks,
I mean, what the heck?
Just stop for a minute! A second! A half.
Seriously. If it weren’t so annoying I’d laugh.

All right. I’m over this.
I’m not even going to go “awww” when you kiss.
I’m going to glare. That’s right. And stare.
With glowering eyes of anger and just a little tear.

“Oh, is this too much? Should we stop?” You gigglingly ask,
and you pause for a moment, but that moment does pass,
then you giggle again and act like two bubbling kids.



Heaven forbid that you would spend just one hour apart,
Oh no! Goodness gracious! It’s breaking your heart!

Something seems to have gotten through.
You still show affection, but there’s a bit of discretion too.
Perhaps it was all my glowers and sneers,
Perhaps they’ve caused you to mature a few years?
Okay. You’re almost cute again.
BUT BE CAREFUL, or a frown will replace this grin.


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New message.

I got a new message
and I thought it was from you
And I was so so excited, you have no clue.
But I had to wait to read it, wait for time to pass,
My father was telling a story that he couldn’t tell too fast.
When he finished speaking, I had understood but a word,
my mind was so distracted by the sound of you I heard.
Oh! The promise of communication lingered so near,
From a friend that I had held so dear.

Then I finally saw it, and prepared to open it up
The promised message from you, to fill my empty cup.
I opened it, and read, and quickly realized
This was not from you, the message before my eyes.
I swallowed my regret.
I tried to wash away my fears
That we were friends no longer.
I hoped we’d endure for years.
But we haven’t spoken in ages,
And I miss you like the Sun
When winter’s here and clouds roll by,
And I’m alone, just one.
Will you please be my friend again?
Will I be yours?
Time heals all wounds they say…
But what about scars?

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Nothing more.


Like…like why?
I am completely lost and puzzled and acting like a fool
And totally trying to play it cool,
But I can’t stand it anymore.
I can’t handle this unsettled score.
My cheeks burn and I toss and turn
At night
Because I just think about
And how much you confuse me,
And if that’s so then this can’t be healthy
Because you’re just thinking about being happy,
And I’m trying to figure out what makes you tick.
And then I get sick
And my cheeks burn
Because it’s harder to learn
Than to just be happy.
I play so many mind games and you have no clue,
Cuz you’re just being you,
And I’m just jig saw-puzzled in every direction.
I think I need some correction,
Will an illuminating path please shine?
Show the line
To follow
Because you swallow
Me whole
In all you do
I’m lost for you
And this can’t go on.
This. This. What is this?
Just talking.
But what are we?
Just friends.
But I want so much more that!
Just opening the door on friendship,
And I look for kinship,
                                   Marry me?
I’ve gone crazy!
You must agree.
Agree and run away again
Like all the other boy-minded men
Because you’re playing with fire
Which you don’t even know,
Just talking to your friend.

Because that’s all I am to him.

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No rational explaination

I think it’s okay for me to sit and write and play,
pretend that I’m in love with him
and imagine a pretty future wherein
we’re never apart.

I mean, pretending’s okay
because it’s not like I’m ever gonna actually say
hello or hold his hand or kiss that face,
so pretending’s not all too out of place,

And as long as I pretend -then I’ll pretend talk to him
and we’ll get along and he’ll be my friend
and we’ll have coffee and tea
and go swim in the sea together.

He’ll say “You know, it’d be nice to go on a walk”
and I’d agree and we’d talk
while we mozied through the woods,
hand and hand, like litte red riding hoods,
except there’d be no wolf, and we’d just enjoy visiting grandmother.

Then one day he’d take my hand
and kneel upon one knee in the sand
and he’d look in my eyes and pull out a ring
and open his mouth and begin to sing
an epic love poem, over four stanzas long,
and then, at the very end of his song,
he’d pause for a moment, breathe and then sigh,
“Marry me please, and make me the happiest guy
on earth,” and I’d scream “Yes!” and I’d shout
and I’d dance all about
and I’d give him a hug
and we’d always be in love,
forever and ever, and we’d have sixteen kids
and all while we lived
we’d be the happiest couple ever seen
in this world or any planet in between.

Yes…It’s probably okay for me to sit and pretend that way.

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