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Selfish when in pain.

Yesterday was a bit tough for me. I came home rather exhausted after helping my brother with a library book sale, and my body hurt from four days of no exercise and extra standing, walking, and sitting. I started composing a blog post to keep myself awake, while my mother took the opportunity to run to the store and leave my niece under my supervision.

My blog post went on and on about my miseries, contemplating why I had to suffer so much, and wondering when it would ever go away, when I noticed deep sighs mixed with the occasional sniffle from the corner of the room. My four year old niece was rolled up in the corner of the couch, clutching a roll of tissue, and looking rather tired and exhausted herself.

Sometimes…when you’re wallowing in self pity, it’s hard to see the other people suffering around you…and sometimes it takes the need of others to draw you out of your own pain.

So I sat on the couch with my niece for a while, folded over in exhaustion like her, and I cheered her on whenever she managed to take a bite of tomato or cucumber from the designated bowl of vegetables she had to eat. Then I gathered up more energy, and pity for her four year old sniffles and red nose, and made her some berry tea.

Soon her mother came home, and she was a happy again, and I could go back to focusing on me for a while. So I exercised.

Anyway, I’ve learned that I am still recovering from my surgery 16 months ago, and I do get easily exhausted, but it’s okay because I can still sit with my niece and then make her a cup of tea.

Sometimes you just need twelve hours of sleep to change your perception.

Another public service announcement brought to you by cdukulele. Stay optimistic, and make tea.



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A glass half full of air.

Optimist, Pessimist.
What will happen?
Who could guess?
Surprises spiraling me around,
Wish the future hiding behind the corner would make a sound.
Instead, in dread, I hang my head, to think of what I’ll do instead.

Time, that unconquerable foe.
Time, that miserable woe.
Oh but Time, my best friend too, for when time passes I come closer to 
Whatever destination I’ve been climbing for,
To bring those sweet moments, I’d let Time soar. 

Optimist, Pessimist.
What am I?
It’s anyone’s guess.
I await the future with hopeful glee,
But still look behind and wonder how all those hours ran past me.



I lose my grasp on what I should be doing with my life on a daily basis. Ultimate goal: Get to heaven. In the meantime…


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