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The life of a part-timer…

I was successful in small time education last year, I now have a Master’s degree, and I have entered into the world of applying for and accepting all teaching jobs that come my way.

As a result of my desperation to take every opportunity that I can, I now have three part time jobs and am part of 5 different e-mail chains, two of which were started from women at two different schools whose names differ in just one letter hidden in the middle, like the difference between “Katharyn” and “Kathryn”. I’ve already responded to one email with the wrong name, and have had to double check the rest of the emails to confirm that I’m communicating with the person I think I’m communicating with.

I am blessed.


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Learned recently…

Breaking bones:

The result of too much physical activity or an unexpected impact that causes the need for an amount of isolation and protection of the injured area. Often isolating this area results in isolating oneself because outside world activities can aggravate injuries.


It feeds on closing one’s self off from the rest of the world, sitting in your room, and doing none of your usual activities. The more alone you are, the more you dwell on the pain. The more you stay in bed and do nothing, the more you think of how much nothing is in your life.

The conflict:

While attempting not to injure/further injure oneself physically one may end up injuring themselves emotionally.

The solution: TBD…

Current status: Not physically broken and probably not depressed, grateful for both of these things, and only slightly concerned about the next time something breaks.

End post.



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