Rainy days

Happy Saturday! It’s a cloudy saturday, a lovely day for tea and homework and then going out to a play. That’s my plan anyway.


I spent most of the day sleeping, because I spent most of the previous evening watching Netflix and being unable to hit the back button while new episodes just popped up and started playing….Will power seems to get weaker and weaker the later into the night it goes.

At the current moment in my life, I’m recovering from a relationship, trying not to get into a new one with the young man who keeps messaging me and inviting me to go do things, and doing lots of educational based work.
It’s not all that exciting, but I wanted to write something, and if I don’t post this, it will join the sea of drafts and stop being relevant within twelve hours.

This is writing for me though…let’s see…future plans…Succeed in grad school and then get a teaching job…get over the ex…not ever get into a relationship based on mutual loneliness…Be happy with my current state. Not need another to make me happy. Rely more on God. Bring others joy. Be a light in the world.

Those are the plans.

Okay, I’m going to go get ready for the play. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Enjoy October.








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