Giving you up.

I’ve spent the last month crying off and on over someone I know I should forget. Someone I know isn’t good for me. Someone I know cares more about himself than me. Who will only cause me more pain and sadness….And yet I cry over them because the idea of saying goodbye hurts. The idea of giving up hurts. Because they keep trying, and they just keep failing….

Then I wonder what’s wrong with me that I want to be with the person who breaks my heart. That I can’t handle the loneliness. That I simply want to share everything with them.

But my Mom loves me and tells me that I need to be strong, and reminds me of all the things that make him unworthy. Nobody is ever worthy, I reason…But I was making exceptions for him from the beginning…For us.

It hurts. He messaged me again yesterday, and I read the words and his attempt at reconciliation, and I spent half an hour composing a response, and a five minute walk to class erasing it, because it simply hurt. Saying anything hurt. Telling him that I had asked for space, telling him that we could never be together because he would keep doing things to hurt me and not understanding what he was doing, telling him I still cared about him as a friend, saying anything at all, would hurt.

I remained silent.


Tonight I went out with a friend to listen to a talk. It was a friend that I had a crush on at some point. A friend that I thought highly of and wished I could find someone like whenever I started dating. A friend I tried not to get a crush on, because crushes are painful. A friend that it brought me pain to spend time in the company of when I was dating my ex-, because I felt like all the friendship he and I had was missing in my romantic relationship. The innocence, the playfulness, the honesty, the selflessness…The fact that he actually cared about me as a friend, that he wasn’t using me to make himself less lonely. I looked at him and the fact that he actually cared about me, and it made my heart throb with pain about what I didn’t have.

We were driving together tonight, having awkward conversation, him annoying me with his helpful comments about what I should do with my life, me getting steadily more annoyed and making conscious efforts to not be rude to him verbally, and then we finally reached our destination and parted ways, and I thought about how it was good he was my friend, and that’s all he would ever be…Then I got kind of depressed and blasted praise and worship music in my car to try to make myself feel better…And I tried to console myself by saying that I wouldn’t die alone…

And I won’t. Because maybe I won’t be in a romantic relationship, and maybe I won’t ever find a significant other who cares about me in the ways I always dreamed someone would care about me. Maybe I won’t be swept off my feet. Maybe prince charming won’t come. Maybe I won’t get married and have a house and a family someday. …But I won’t be alone…

Because I have friends. I have people who care. People who care enough to annoy me and not worry about how it impacts my opinion of them. People who don’t care about my opinion of them, because they simply care about me. People who would prefer my own happiness to theirs, people who want to love me and want to help me learn to love…People who are actually my friends.

And as long as I’m still focusing on really loving people rather than simply making them happy, then I’ll have friends. Maybe not a lot, maybe not all the time, but when I do have friends, the few that God gives me, they’ll be of the deepest and best quality, and they’ll be the kind I can depend on, and who can depend on me.

That’s the plan anyway. Here’s to day one of my true friendship attempts.

Praise God.





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2 responses to “Giving you up.

  1. unjustnyx

    I think one of the bad things about being subscribed to your site and getting email notifications of your new posts is that I read them from THERE and never make it onto HERE to let you know all the things I feel when I read them. I mean it when I say that I admire you for being such a strong, wise and beautiful person. Even though you may not feel like it at times, just remember that you aren’t defined by the low moments alone! It’s being able to stay firm and make the hard decisions that matter! I feel like I’m at risk of spouting badly constructed motivational-type things so I’m just going to stop here… Like you said, you aren’t alone! You have your mom and your friends… know that you also have the prayers from people like me~ I’m not sure what gives you the idea that you haven’t made any attempts at “true friendship” up until this post… you definitely reached out to me many times with your thoughtful and supportive comments! I’m hoping for all the best for you!

    • AWWWWWWWWWWW. I can’t believe people e-mail subscribed to my posts! That makes me happy. Thank you for your support and wishes for my happiness. I am doing okay. 🙂

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