Nobody liked my last post and my site traffic makes tumbleweeds look like a mob, but I don’t care.

I took a nap, ate an apple, and drank 90% of a medium blended mocha, I AM PUMPED.



  • I worked out.

This is a big deal because I am out of shape. The ten minute walk from my car to class every day leaves me pretty much breathless, but I spent 45 minutes working out people. Low impact to protect my bones, and only at half the capacity of where I was last spring, but it’s a start.

Thank you for your cheers.

  • I didn’t press snooze this morning.
    (Opposed to every other day for the last three months where hitting snooze six times was necessary.)
  • I called my ex-boyfriend and talked to him on the phone.
    Oh wait…maybe that isn’t a triumph.
  • I’m growing as a person and talking to my ex is a sign of maturity?
    That totally sounds like a triumph, right?
  • I didn’t cry after talking on the phone with him? TRIUMPH!
  • He called me and it wasn’t my fault?
  • I’m willing to be vulnerable in my attempts to be a more loving person and not think of myself?

    …That devolved rather quickly…Eh…At least I’m trying to be physically healthy (ignore the coffee which may counteract that point).


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