Adjusting to Achievement

So, about that assignment that I noticed at the last minute and only had 12 hours to do, I did it. Well, I kind of did it. Well, I did enough of it to get away with looking like I did it for now, and later I’ll figure out how to fix the situation with my professor later.

When I got to class today I asked a few of my classmates if they realized there was an assignment due that morning, and they just stared at me like I was crazy and said the most reassuring things like: “I submitted that last week” and “Yes, I did it. I also started part two already because I need to free up my schedule and don’t know what I’ll be doing several weeks from now.”

I decided to stop talking to them and I hoped that they were overachievers and that this didn’t mean I was an underachiever.

Then I spoke to a couple other students who also sounded like they knew more about the assignment than I did, and, as I had polled half the class by this point, I realized that I was the underachiever.

The plus side was that when I spoke to the second group of overachievers, it sounded like they understood where my confusion was coming from (plus I asked them different questions so that it didn’t look like I had just forgotten there was an assignment due), so I felt better about my status, like I might only be part-underachiever…

On the plus side, I’ve already done everything I know about all my assignments for my other class and am in no fear of being behind in it on any account.

I’m going to go re-check my online syllabus and make sure that’s true.

Later -cdukulele




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