Sleepy Summer

It’s hot in my house, and when I woke up this morning I noticed it was almost two hours before I had set my alarm to go off, so I rolled back towards the wall and nestled in the comfort of having time to do nothing. An hour and forty minutes later I woke up again, turned off my alarm, thought about the stretches I had to do and the fact that I really needed to clean the cat boxes, and I remained immobile. I noticed my foot aching, my knee aching, my shoulders and thumbs being sore and angry, and I rolled over again and didn’t open my eyes for two more hours.

Eventually, I got up.

I did my stretches.

I ate breakfast.

I did the chores I didn’t want to do.

I showered.

I said my prayers.

Then I fell asleep again 2 hours after I got up.

Half an hour after this nap, tried to stay awake by moving to the front room and reading a book, tried to ignore my foot, tried to think of something to do with my vast free time, inability to walk much, and my tendency to fall asleep while sitting in my house, and then I contacted my cousin.

I read again because she was busy.

When she wasn’t busy I got to see my nephew and experience the joy that comes with being loved by a small child. He had just been crying, but he smiled as soon as I walked into the room. It made my day.

I soon went home, called my boyfriend and talked about career options, had dinner with my family, watched pieces of films that weren’t good enough to watch entirely, and now I’m waiting to talk to the man that I’m dating before I fall asleep again.

I think something might be wrong with me, but it’s summer, it’s hot, I probably have allergies, and my foot aches because I broke it because my bones are weak…so I know there are things wrong with me…I just never know which one is causing what problem. Except the foot pain, pretty sure that’s being caused by the weak bones.

At any rate, I wrote a blog post to talk about how the greatest accomplishment of my day was making my nephew smile. …and sleeping a lot.

Maybe I’ll accomplish something at a later date.

Who knows.



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2 responses to “Sleepy Summer

  1. This was very relatable :p

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