Lower that Bar!

A female friend and I went out with two of our guy friends the other night (I’ll name them Mike and Don), and because these guys are particularly unafraid of awkward conversations and ever dwelling on their own singlehood, Don suddenly asked my friend and I why we weren’t married yet.

We didn’t have much to say in response to that, other than the usual “Haven’t met ‘The One'”, (even though neither of us is really idealistically holding out for a “soul mate” so much as someone who cares as much about their soul getting to heaven), and then Don attempted to go on a tirade about women being too picky.

I pointed out that he was older than us and unwed, and then he tried to start using the biological clock argument to put the blame back on us, followed by his own claim that he was never getting married after I told him to mind his own business and stop talking about our ovaries. Apparently he hasn’t found “the one” either, because no woman can appreciate his rich sense of humor, but it doesn’t matter if he’s unwed as much because we’re women, and we’re the ones who have the time limit on finding true love.

The message of the night: If you’re a woman you have to not be so picky about who you are going to marry, because you MUST have kids before that clock runs out! If you’re a man, it’s totally acceptable to be single and brood about it all your life, because no woman really understands you.


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11 responses to “Lower that Bar!

  1. I can totally relate to this! Although I’m still young and haven’t been subjected to such sexist remarks, my older sister’s totally fed up of this nonsense. I’ll show this to her, she’s gonna love this!

    • YEP. Always fun when your male friends make totally inappropriate remarks! It’s weird when they assume that you don’t already know how your body works and that they must inform you on things that you know way more about and have already pondered and they have no business bringing up.

      • Rightly said. I believe this is something we girls have mindlessly internalised. Too often I laugh at sexist jokes because I don’t wanna be a killjoy.

        • Yea…I don’t laugh, but when I comment on the stuff they say these particular guy friends hold to the belief that I’m too serious and just don’t get their sense of humor. I hold to the belief that they will be alone forever and I’m not going to hang out with them if they say horrible stuff.

          • Haha, you’re right. I should stop laughing too!

            • Yes. You can also try the “make them uncomfortable back” route, which involves asking them personal questions about their lives and then trying to tell them what to do, but that doesn’t always work because sometimes they don’t even realize that you’re overstepping lines just like they were. Then of course you’re sinking to their level, and that’s no good. So I mostly just stick to being on a higher plane, telling them they’re wrong for whatever reason they’re wrong, and then moving on…

    • And hello to your sister! Except that I’m sorry she relates to this because it’s totally not fun to relate to.

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