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Oh Brother…

Being a Christian can be ridiculously difficult for a number of reasons…You’re generally frowned upon for holding beliefs that conflict with the larger society (I’m pro-life and believe sex belongs in the context of marriage) and you’re constantly being called to sainthood (which means putting others before yourself, which is self-sacrifice, and self-sacrifice is never a walk in the park…unless someone asks you to walk through a park with them because they are incredibly lonely and need someone to act like Christ in their life, in which case it might actually be a walk in the park).

That is why it is amazingly wonderful when you come across another Christian, walking on their path to God, who is totally in line with the self-sacrifice thing, and trying theirĀ  hardest to get to heaven. These people are inspiring. They want to give up things for you, pray for you, discuss the faith with you and help you on your path, let you know you are loved and supported by both God and them, and their existence in your life is pretty much evidence that God loves you.

That is why it is a problem when these wonderful people start complimenting you…On like, your appearance…and suddenly, instead of viewing them like a brother in Christ when they say “I love you”, you start to wonder if there’s something more behind their words. How much do they love you? In what way do they love you?

Of course, people falling in love with other people who share their beliefs is not an issue, but people falling in love with people who share their beliefs when the person they are falling in love with is simply loving them platonically is a problem.

The solution:
A. Ignore it and wait for the compliments to become less frequent or confusing.
B. Tell the person that calling you “beautiful”, “adorable”, and “cute” under their breath that it’s confusing.
C. Write a blog post about it.



Yes, I chose option C.





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