Yea, I was feeling a little depressed and obsessed, but then I wrote a 700 word poem about a guy I like, and now I feel better.

Like I can finally get back to thinking about school. Which I am partially failing, what with finals week being upon me and all of my assignments being due in the same four day period. Failing is a strong term, I only failed one assignment that the teacher decided to suddenly enforce a strict grading code on, when he’s been wishy washy the rest of the semester…But, one D amongst a field of As and Bs shouldn’t be too bad. It’s not like I didn’t try, I merely followed the instructions and didn’t try to overachieve and look beyond them to make sure it covered what previous assignments covered. Nor did I read the instructions more than several times….And reading them again, I blame the professor.

I would blame myself, but I definitely followed instructions and simply did not do more than he instructed us to do, and as his instructions were rather pathetic, I suppose my assignment turned out pathetic.

My fault for following his instructions.

Just a week of this left.




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4 responses to “Exhale…

  1. I don’t like following instractions. Sometimes they even don’t work.

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