Good job prayer warriors!


I thought she had just swirled into a pool of depression and wasn’t talking to me because I kept mentioning surgery in my texts, but apparently she just hadn’t seen my texts, and she came back from Rome with one less tumor!!

It is fantastic news.

I have to talk to her soon to find out more details and to see what she is doing about the other tumors that haven’t miraculously disappeared. I really hope she does something.

BUT 1 TUMOR GONE!!!! Thank you for all your prayers and love! Keep it up!

And to add to the happiness, I just went out with a guy I met at Church last week. We exchanged numbers and chatted and he kept complimenting me, and then I was all, “dude, why you compliment me so much?” And he was all, “I’m just being sincere,” and I was all “dude I can’t read sincerity in a text”, and he was all, “I get you”, and then it was all, “We should hang out in real life”, and then we totally made plans and I wrote a blog post about it. And we just went out and it was nice. 🙂

So my close friend might not die in the near future, and I went on my second date ever.
Life is going well.






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2 responses to “Good job prayer warriors!

  1. So glad to hear about your friends tumor!!!! Congrats on the 2nd date too 🙏

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