A friend with cancer.

I have a friend with cancer and I don’t want her to die.
Her other option is having intense radiation and therapy and being in ridiculous amounts of pain and possibly not dying as soon.
Of course the first death would also come with whatever the negative side effects of having a tumor in your head kill you are, and it would come faster.
She is leaning toward the first option, that requires no surgery, and she is also praying for a miracle to avoid the young death altogether.
I am also praying for the miracle of her either being healed, or that she has surgery and attempts to live longer despite the pain…Not just because I want her to live longer, but because dying without the surgery or radiation sounds super painful enough and it seems like the surgery might be a better option than not doing anything…

I’ve been inviting my other friends to pray for her, while not telling them who she is, because firstly, they don’t know her anyway, and secondly, she asked me not to tell anyone. I figure that it only counts as telling people if I give them her name and they know who she is, so I’ve avoided doing that.

…there’s nothing else to really say. Please pray, and thank you.



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8 responses to “A friend with cancer.

  1. Prayer is a powerful thing… I will pray- I am a 42 year old diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer with bone involvement since last November. Prayer and Jesus have been my best friends- day by day minute by minute!

  2. How’re you doing?
    We’ll pray.You stay strong.

    • I am fine, but I have to talk to my friend again soon, to see how she is. I’ve been busy with school. I’ve been busy with life. She’s been busy with life too, and praying, and I haven’t been able to coordinate a free moment too well… Thank you so much for your prayers though. It’s easier to stay strong when the patient refuses to be weak…Like, you can’t cry when they’re not. Or maybe I should. I don’t know. Thanks again.

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