Appreciating friendship

I am blessed by this friendship that

wasn’t ruined

when I told you how I felt,


Even though you didn’t quite feel the same,

with the exact feelings that you didn’t name,

this didn’t crumble into nothing…

though it did melt into an awkward something.

But awkward somethings over time

can grow into something rather fine,

after the side-steps and the misteps, and the partial regrets,

there was still never so much debt

that we couldn’t come back.


And now I’m blessed by this presence and I can see why I desired it,

but time has made me wiser and though the things that inspired it

are there, and my love is there, it has grown with care,

tending to the parts that should grow

and forgetting the parts that I needed to let go.

And now this beautiful friendship, between you and I,

this beautiful thing that didn’t just die,

it exists, as we exists, and it brings me joy.

Like a brother, like a friend, like a sister, like kin,

able to appreciate the beauty and the humor,

able to appreciate the talent and the wit,

able to appreciate and be with each other,

just as friends,

and this friendship is legit.


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