Waking up at normal hours…

So, because of my interest in a guy and my love of Christ, I woke up early Saturday morning to go to Mass and breakfast.

I wasn’t going to, but I recently went to a day reflection type of thing on our gifts and what God’s calling us to do, and at some point the speaker mentioned how sometimes when she has to leave super early for a plane flight, she wakes up at some crazy time in the morning (like…3am) so that she has plenty of time to start her day with prayer. And even though she gets like three hours of sleep on those days, she never feels fatigued. Her point was that because God wants you to talk to him and be with him, and he’s not gonna be like, “Oh, you woke up early to spend time with me in prayer and sacrificed sleep for me, now I will make you MISERABLE all day because you got less sleep!”

So I decided to test this theory and see whether it helped me wake up in the morning.

And I was like, God, the lady at the talk said that you wouldn’t make me miserable, and I probably don’t need to sleep in until noon like I usually do, and that guy I enjoy spending time with is the one who invited me, so if you want me to be there, I will wake up when my alarm goes off.

My eyes were open by the second ring.

So I went to mass and had an exceedingly pleasant day, and while I wasn’t super fatigued, I was definitely in bed by 10pm…

And as I drifted off to sleep I thought…Oh yeah, that nice lady from Church invited me to the 9am mass at her parish, but I am never up in time for those, I usually go to 1pm mass and then just…do nothing with the rest of my day…However, I suppose if I wake up and feel awake I could go…

And four minutes before my alarm was set to go off, my leg started cramping and I woke up and stretched it, and then I was awake, and basically, I went to 9am mass.

Of course, the day I end up going is the same day as their Church festival, and so as a result of waking up early a second day in a row, I talked to a bunch of cool Church people, wound up with a bag of pan dulce, got to see some really joyful tap dancers who were probably mostly in their 70s, and did everything I usually did in a Sunday and more before the time I usually wake up on Sundays…

The point here is that now I’ll probably be conveniently sleepy at 10pm and I’ll probably continue this cycle of waking up early and doing stuff and I think my life may permanently be changed…I may end up being a morning person, and God snuck me into it by having people invite me to do things.

Now I have a bunch of hours of daylight left, so I have to go do things and productively enjoy my Sunday or rest or something. I don’t know….I have so much time when I sleep at normal hours.



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