ODR: Thinking about Life

The next oldest draft I had sitting in my draft pile was from December 2013, and simply spoke of my sadness over human beings being killed.

I’ve read some stuff that’s pro-choice, I’ve read some stuff that’s pro-life,

and all I have to say is that I don’t hate women, I don’t hate freedom, I want people to be happy and live fulfilled and satisfying lives, achieving all of their greatest dreams,

it’s merely that I include unborn human beings in that category.

I merely think that an unborn life is worth no less than a born one.

I think both are important.

I don’t think either one should be killed for any reason.

I think that when it comes to someone living or not living, another person should be able to make a sacrifice so that someone else lives.

That’s all.

I know we could talk about the rights of the woman…The right to do what you want with “your body”, the rights of “your future”, your career, your hopes, your dreams….and it’s just…Those may temporarily be on hold, but when you have an abortion, that human’s dreams, that human’s future, is ended.

Maybe, maybe your life is changed dramatically…Is it as dramatic as being ended entirely?

So that’s all. I just believe that the unborn person is a person as much as you and I are people.

Not a lump of cells.

Not an indeterminate mass.

It’s the product of the reproductive system, reproducing, creating life, life has been created.

I just think that life should be allowed to live.

Love and peace,

– cdukulele




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