ODR: Guys shouldn’t be allowed to wear tank tops.

I probably shouldn’t be dictating rules about what people are and are not allowed to wear, but seriously:

Either 1, they look horrible in them, or 2, their muscles show and all you can do is gawk at their arms.

This is a lose-lose situation in my mind.

Am I ridiculous? I might be ridiculous.

But I don’t want to be distracted by the unattractiveness or attractiveness of a man’s arms.

Oh my goodness, I’m ridiculous.

OKOKOK, Maybe if you’re a guy and you’re just hot -temperature wise-, so you’re wearing a tank top…I suppose.

But seriously…Any one else think…no..

It’s just me, isn’t it?

And it’s just this particular ex-crush.

..and the fact that I need any reason to blame him for being adorable

…so that I don’t like him anymore..

things wrong….with…my…mind.


Okay, I must merely accept the fact that this particular man has fairly attractive arms, and there is nothing wrong with accepting that. Except that that is a ridiculous thing to be attracted to.

I am attracted to muscular arms.


These are details about me that no one ever needs to know.

I should never have started this post.

Or maybe I’m simply revealing the fact that once you like someone, you’ll find a million other reasons to like them.

Like, they have nice arms.

Because that’s totally the first thing to look for in a significant other.


But it is something you will notice when you already like someone. Maybe.

I dunno.

Now, proceed to rant and rave below about how ridiculous I am.


(Thoughts from September of 2014)



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2 responses to “ODR: Guys shouldn’t be allowed to wear tank tops.

  1. Alexandratobe

    You’re completely right, a tank top on a man is either hideously unflattering because they don’t have the hot bod, but if they do have the hot bod then its dangerously sexy. I gawk at jacks arms when he wears his team basketball top, because he has really nice muscular arms and I’m there like omfg omfg omfg look away look away RIGHT NOW *faints* hahaha xo

    • OHMYGOSH thank you for agreeing with me so that I feel like less of a weirdo. Dude, I didn’t even think of basketball tops, I was thinking of the skinnier arms of tank tops tops. I suppose this is an unfair double standard on my part though, because I wear tank tops all the time…It just seems different for guys. And now that I’m google searching, I’m less sure what I was talking about…I think I just really needed to vent my frustration about the unattainable attractiveness that was before me.

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