Accomplishments for a day

I was looking for a draft of something I began writing yesterday, and I thought it had the word “accomplishments” in the title, and I found this. It’s a list of ten things I did on some random day last year that I wrote about. This is what happens when you have too much spare time:

  1. I found an old draft of mine entitled “Lies I tell myself…”, and when I opened it up to read it there was nothing written.
  2. I went through my spam email account and deleted 685 of the 800 messages.
  3. I checked facebook an unhealthy number of times and waited for someone to talk to me, which didn’t happen.
  4.  I resisted the urge to sign on to my online dating account that I deleted for the third time last week.
  5. I ate a brownie and an ice cream sandwich and whole bunch of cold sweet potato fries (not really accomplishments, but they were tasty).
  6. I wrote a three page letter to a friend and discovered yet again how joyful it is to write letters.
  7. I went to Church.
  8. I took a nap.
  9. I woke up from the nap with my alarm set to silent.
  10. I watched part of a Seasame Street episode in Spanish and I understood every 10th or 20th word.


Don’t ask me why I was watching Seasame Street, I don’t even remember composing this.

– Cdukulele


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