ODR: Hey You

Where are you?
Whenever I’m around you, that’s all I’m asking myself.
You’re on the move, without a word, at least, none I’ve heard, where are you?
That’s the thing, I write and I sing, but is there no one who will just bring themselves to me?
Just, being fully present, former life irrelevant, future not involved, nothing to be solved, just be, with me.
Where are you?
Do you need to fly at every moment? Can you take a breath, and hold it? Can you give it a chance, and finally relax, and let go of the woe, and finally sew the seeds of friendship?
I miss you, and I want that. Will you tell me that I can’t have it?
Will you understand, take my hand, look in my eyes, and phrase your goodbyes to explain why?
You disappeared again, and it makes me softly wonder if you were ever here, was I ever really dear? Because, you’re gone again, and it hurts.

(Composed August 2014)


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