ODR: Thank you

(Unpublished draft From January 16, 2014)

I don’t suppose you need to know this, but I’ll just tell you, I’ve never been on a date before.
I went to an all girls high school, my only relationship with a guy lasted part of a week, and I spend most of my time wishing someone would pay attention to me rather than having someone pay attention to me.
I am not perfect.

Yet, through some odd twist of life, I wound up invited to dine with a gentleman yesterday evening.

My siblings asked all the right, over-protective questions, my Mom instructed me on defending myself with my elbow, “the strongest bone in your body”, and I left the house reasonably assured that someone was going to attempt to kidnap me.
My fears were unwarranted.

I never had a guy like me before without me feeling like there was some ulterior motive. Like he secretly wanted to appear special, or was just lonely, or something…
But this guy was different. Or maybe he’s like all guys that I misjudge before giving them a chance.

I went on my first date to a sushi restaurant, and he paid, carried my box of leftovers that I was too nervous to eat back to the car, politely drove me home, gave me a hug goodbye, and thanked me for a lovely night.

It was a lovely night.


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