What I would say if I were expelled from an imaginary school.


Sent away.




Turn away,

We don’t want you,

You’re rotten.

All these thoughts go through my mind as I think of how I’m apart from my kind.

No longer present, without my friends, is this how all loneliness begins?





Is it the people or the memories that make

Something real.



But I’ve been expelled so I no longer care.


for lovelimess



Filed under General Poems

3 responses to “What I would say if I were expelled from an imaginary school.

  1. lovelimess

    Thank you! I love it,
    I’m printing it and hanging it above my desk at work.

    Do you mind if I change “You’re rotten” to “We’re rotten”?


    • Well that’s quite an interesting re-write. Sure, go ahead. Though putting it in bold or something might be nice so that you know what’s been changed and when the world comes to your desk to ask you what’s up with the poem, you can be like, this girl wrote it for me except I changed this one word to change the entire dimension of that line!
      Also, Wow….my poetry is going to be seen in public by strangers and it’s not even because some relative is putting it up.
      Glad you like it!

      • lovelimess

        Yeah, you’re right…I’ll leave it as is.
        Some non-relative, free publicity is the least I can do.
        Well, thanks again.:)


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