Old Drafts Revisited- The first sample.

I mentioned how I have 47 drafts of posts sitting around my three year old blog, doing nothing. A lovely commenter gracealexandra1 then asked me to post the drafts and questioned why I didn’t post them in the first place.

The first reason is of course, incoherency. My very first draft was really a note to myself that followed the progression of one of my blog posts from revision to revision. I had just discovered the revision button and was overjoyed at my findings.

Because the draft of itself is merely a jumble of unfinished sentences, I’ll reposting it here would be kind of silly. There was no concept behind the post and it was really just a log of my writing style…I’m not posting the draft.

I will however post several others, and I’m putting them all in the category of OLD DRAFTS REVISITED.

I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for reading.

(Side note, here’s basically what this draft consisted of before:

“deleted facebook off my phone for the ninth time”

“Once upon a time.”

“I have this crush on a guy but I can’t have a crush” 

“Theoretically, let’s say I didn’t die. Let’s say the …”

“I’m thinking about starting a band. Somehow that thought turned into agreeing to start a band with a random teenager from a coffee shop. I am concerned.”

 “It’s difficult to write when you’re” 

“Camille thought about it for a long time. She could give this paper to the hotel clerk and have him give it to Kai, or she could just let time pass and let the world move on and never talk to him again. She sat there for a long time, while Mina stared at her in anticipation, “Are you ready now?” she asked, impatient to leave.”No. I am not ready. I need some water.” It was a stalling tactic. She was a full grown adult with a middle school girl’s note in her hands, too scared to actually sneak it into her crush’s desk, and she was stalling by getting a glass of water.” )

(Draft from November 5, 2013)


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