Hello facebook

Hello facebook, don’t mind me, I’m merely checking in to see

if anyone wants to speak.

Hello facebook, I’m off to class, but I’m just logging in real fast. My mailbox is dark, oh well. Had to check, you can never tell.

Hello facebook, I’m back again, class is over, time for homework then. I’ll just check before I start…feel like we’ve been too long apart.

Hello facebook, I need to chill, I think I’ll watch a movie til

maybe someone talks to me?

Hello facebook, one last glimpse, I’m about to go to sleep again, but I just have to check to see

if my friends still think of me.



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4 responses to “Hello facebook

  1. lovelimess

    ah. what happened? Did I get expelled from imaginary school?

    • You know, that is a pretty cool interpretation. It makes me happy I didn’t explain my poem away right there. The poem is more like my thoughts throughout the day, and my desire to be near people and talk to them that kind of just goes nowhere, because I keep trying to use facebook to communicate… But poetry is open to interpretations, and while that’s what I intended to write about, you really have to look at what it says I guess…

      • lovelimess

        I liked your poem.
        I dislike lots of things, like Facebook, cults, and imaginary schools.
        But, I did like your poem. Besides, you were looking for a message and I wasn’t going to read your poem, like it, and just leave you hanging…

        Have a lovely day

        • Aw, hello and thanks. I dislike cults and imaginary schools as well. Unless they’re super cool imaginary schools where all I do is play ukulele with a group of lovely people. That’d be a nice school. YAY for people not leaving me hanging! I appreciate it.

          Same to you!

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