When he can read your mind.


So, there’s this guy.


I’m surrounded by guys.

This is bad.

Anyway, he’s my friend and after him being my friend for the forever of several months, I now like him. Isn’t that grand?

Not grand.

Because he is just the friendliest happiest person ever who loves everyone and he shows it.

And it’s not like a, “I will love you on a personal romantic level”, kind of love.

It’s more like a, “eat your heart out now because I’m never gonna care about it the way you want me too, and I probably have a girlfriend you met but don’t realize is my girlfriend because I treat everyone equally”, kind of thing.

And the other day he was all, “HEY, when are you gonna write me a song!”,

because I’m a musician occasionally, and he knows that.

And I’m all :You’re so funny, haven’t you heard my songs? All the ones written about non-relatives are about guys I am in love with. So writing a song about you is like, like…Do you think I’m in love with you, CAN YOU READ MY MIND?

But what I said was: “Ha. You’re so funny. You don’t want me to write a song about you.”

And he’s all: “What? Write a song about me!”

And I’m all: Dude I’ve already written half a dozen poems about you and at any moment those are likely to turn into a song so chill . And then I say “See, I only write songs about people who really annoy me and stuff.” Like in the, I love you secretly and it annoys me that you don’t feel that way about me kind of way.

And he’s all “DUDE! You don’t even have to sing it to me. Just write me a song, and like, play it at open mics when I’m not there, and sing it for people when I’m not around.”

And I’m thinking, This is exactly what I do with guys that I have giant crushes on. What are you trying to do, make me have more of a crush on you? Make me ACT like I have the giant crush on you that I already have?

And then the conversation fizzled out as I just kind of stared at him and he started talking about something else.

So that’s what’s happening with my life recently.

And then I wrote him a song.

In it I declare my love for him, and then say something along the lines of “that’s what you get for making me write you a song. Hope you’re sufficiently uncomfortable. Now you think I like you. HA HA HA HA….”

I’m probably never going to sing it for a single soul though. Especially because I don’t think I wrote the “Gotcha” part in well enough for anyone to actually believe that I merely wrote the song as a jest and am not seriously in love. Because I am seriously in crush mode and it probably shows.

So the point here is, if you have a friend who is a musician, who basically just writes love songs, don’t ask them to write you a song unless you want them to declare their secret love for you.

Except, asking musician friends to write you songs is super fun. And then you feel super loved when they write the song. Oh man, I totally see his mind set.


– cdukulele



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2 responses to “When he can read your mind.

    No,I’m not laughing at your plight.But that’s a pretty freaking crazy moment you had with him there.

  2. Oh, where would I be without your lovely laughter at my circumstances. Definitely lost. Thank you for finding joy in my plight, it was a fairly humorous moment for me at the time too. But it was one of those moments where you realize fully just how ridiculous it is, and nobody else does or can, until you attempt to explain it on your blog.
    It was quite a moment.

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