Sidetracked by dairy (Sept 2015)

I started composing some little poem about relationships again, but I was writing it while hungrily eating a quesadilla, and all I could think, between some pathetic lines about love was “Oh my goodness, CHEESE IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER.”

So I figured I should stop writing the little reflective poem about relationships, and write about what was really on my mind.


After getting this weird cold thing happening with my throat for a couple days, right before a singing concert, I decided to cut out all dairy, in order to not make things worse.

So this is the first dairy I’ve eaten in like…48 hours, and it is so good.

It makes me glad that I live in America, where you can get cheese with everything.

It makes me think about how being a vegetarian would not really be that bad, but being vegan would just be sad.

I’ve had vegan cheese before…It was scary. It was pepperjack american, and it tasted like burnt potatoes.

So I’m glad I’m not a vegan.

And not allergic to dairy.

That would be such a sad life…sad, sad, life.

Maybe I should stick to writing poems.

– cdukulele


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