2 year anniversary

This writing thing has lasted longer than my longest relationship with a male.

What’s our definition of relationship though, because technically, if we want to get REAL technical, I’ve only been in one official relationship with a male and it didn’t survive longer than the life of a Gastrotrichs. (If I were a gastrotrich, it would have taken up my entire lifetime. It would have been a bit of a sad lifetime though. I kinda chase after things until they find me and then I don’t know what to do with them. Like puppies and cars as referred to by crazy people in that Batman film. Yep, this is the way I think.)

However, if we are gonna talk about like, friendships, or talking to guys online or on the phone who totally tried to get me to fall in love with them, but didn’t actually succeed, then we could be saying at least a couple months. I mean, months for the attempts at romance, and then years for the friendships. I’d say my oldest guy friendship would be around 21 years. And the oldest one that wasn’t instituted by my parents and still lasts to this day, in that we like each other’s posts and whatnot on facebook, then at least six years. I can’t say much for before then, because my high school was solely populated by females, and the friends of my grade school years have mostly forgotten that I’ve existed. Or I’ve forgotten that they’ve existed. It’s a mutual forgetfulness.

At any rate, my blog is here, and has been here for two years.

I started with sharing about the agonizing pain of isolation and recovering from a surgery that further isolated me, and now I’m sharing about…all the other pain in my life. And joy. And everything. Except I really mostly need the outlet for the pain, because that way I don’t have to burden my Mom with it, or the people around me, and I can turn it into art that I won’t get judged for.

Does this make sense?

Is it healthy?

I wonder.

It’s been two years in the running and since it’s started I’ve gotten a driver’s license, got practically straight A’s in my first year of gradschool, and crushed on a whole bunch of guys who did not either reciprocate the feelings, or reciprocate appropriately, and this blog and I have survived it all. That seems like a good thing to me.

Thank you for being there with us.

And at some point I’ll post that post I was supposed to post where someone nominated me for the Versatile blogger award. Maybe that would be something good to do as I enter into my third year of writing…

Goodnight readers, and thank you for reading.




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12 responses to “2 year anniversary

  1. Happy Blogiversary!!!!
    Is that what it’s called?
    Happy birthday to your blog anyway.:)
    Yeah,this is definitely healthy.Well,health-ier than having hysterical breakdowns.And I need personal life fodder,so please don’t stop writing.:)

    • YES! Sure! Blogiversary! That sounds like a word! A cumbersome word, but a word. Thank you very much Quills. Can I call you Quills? I’m trying to think of a convenient name for you, and Quills has a cute ring to it (also, I’ve totally assumed that you are a lady this entire time, so correct me if I was wrong there and you would prefer some strong name like, Parchmenty. Parchmenty. hehehehe.), plus it’s totally part of your blog name. I’ll have to think about this. ANYWAY, thank you for validating me in my writing, I think blogging couples nicely with hysterical breakdowns to make me a functioning member of society. I mean, definitely I might do more of the blogging than the breakdowns, but they both work.
      Personal life fodder? Do explain. You need to live vicariously through my failed attempts at love? 🙂 Or something else?

      I shall keep up writing dear Quill, because I must. Thank you so much for your support. The support makes the random vents that go out into the wide world of the internet entirely worth it.

        Ahahahahahaha,yes,I’m a girl.Totally female.I’ll stick with Quills over Parchmenty.I’m going to end up calling you the “ukulele-singer-person” in my head now.Though I think of you more as “SECRETBLOGDIARYPERSON”.
        Nope,not at all trying to live vicariously through your (I wouldn’t call them failed)attempts at love.I love reading love/life stories-especially when they’re ACTUALLY happening.I guess I’m intrigued?And I admire you for the openness you display.
        Don’t thank me.I…enjoy it,as I just said.Not your pain.Don’t take it that way.I just like the stories.And the vague sense of connection they bring.:)

        • IT IS A WORD! Oh good, my perceptions were not off. Oh Quills. You could also call me cdukulele. It’s totally like a name. I mean, at least it’s shorter than ukulele-singer-person. Usp.
          Oh good, glad you’re not trying to live through my life, not mucho to live through. You wouldn’t call them failed!? How sweet. More like, useful research for future success perhaps.
          Yes I can see how real life stories are interesting, especially when they are current, that’s why I follow so many blogs I assume. And the openness is a perk of being “anonymous” and not knowing any other way to be.

          FINE, I won’t thank you. Except I appreciate whatever formed you into an individual that appreciates the writing of this individual, that brings me joy, and I appreciate it.
          Vague sense of connection. I like the sound of that.

          • Your perception’s fine.Oh sure.Cdukulele it is.Can I call you CD?
            Though that reminds me of cassettes and DVDs…and maybe we shouldn’t go there.
            Well…experience teaches and all that.So,yeah,research for future success sounds right.
            I ENVY YOUR ANONYMITY.I SHALL GET MYSELF A SECRET BLOG.Someday.I keep thinking about it and forgetting.
            Your appreciation is reciprocated.:)

            • Oh Cd totally works, either way. Haha, go get a secret blog then! Start today. The best part is that you can start and forget about it and come back, and really, there are no standards to live up to besides the one you set. That kind of sounds bad, but basically, since it’s anonymous it’s just for you, and you don’t have to worry so much. Except of course that I start saying that and then I always start to think about what people think, so…yeah.

  2. So true, so very true. Of course there are also the times I’m around people and I just decide to not care what they think and let them love me or hate me and just be myself, that’s a good way to be. But it’s nice when you’re yourself and you know you’re loved for it/despite it/no matter what. And when you’re yourself all the time, then you know that the people who love you love YOU, and not just the you that you portray. Now I’m getting philosophical or something. lol.

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