You like him!

MAN. I was on the last sentence of my lovely little post update about life, when I clicked some stupid button by accident and it all disappeared.

What was I talking about:

Another one of my friends (I will call her Shannon) somehow figured out that I have a crush on Christopher. After asking me several questions on the topic and getting me to admit it after shouting out that I liked him, she later said “I think you have a chance with him”. She followed up this statement with evidence about how he seemed disappointed that I wasn’t at the last event that she saw him at, and how he said that she must be a nice person because Catherine has nice friends. It was something like that.

I brushed these statements off by explaining that Christopher was just an extraordinarily kind person who would have missed anybody who wasn’t there and that he likes everybody, and has no personal preference for myself. Shannon didn’t respond to that, and instead asked me if I thought that Luke might be interested in her. I cannot read Luke at all, and after having spent last summer chatting with him for hours over the course of a couple weeks, I have no idea how he feels about anything, so I basically told her that no, I couldn’t tell – because I couldn’t.

That was the end of our conversation for the night, because it was just about 1am and I was driving her home, but it might have been one of the most interesting portions of the night. Besides the four hours we spent at Luke’s work, waiting for him to be done with his shift, and then driving off together to get ice cream and talking about theology until the ice cream shop closed.
Last night was also the second time Luke asked me whether there was anyone special in my life. The first time was a couple months ago at a bar, when Shannon first met Luke, and we had all gone to a concert together. We were sitting at a table packed with people and Luke was talking to me and asked that question, which I tried to ignore. Then he asked me again and I said no, he acted shocked, and I changed the topic. Last night he asked Shannon and I both that question as we sat around the table at the ice cream shop, and it seemed less awkward and like it could have more potentially been an innocent question rather than him testing the waters. I don’t know.

Hopefully Shannon and Luke work something out so that I don’t think people are falling for me, and they can both be happy. Then I can be left to playing my ukulele songs while I day-dream about Christopher.

Time for homework.



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