School and Scrabble and Stuff.

It’s August, I took two months off and then hopped right back into the blogging with a save-the-babies post and some poems. Now I’m just gonna update peeps on my life.

First of all, I start my second year of grad school in like five days. I’m rather amazed the first year is already over and I survived it, considering the amount of tears I shed over it. Plans for this upcoming year include carpooling, making more friends, and not having panic attacks at 2am.

Second of all, I’ve been getting back into doing my physical therapy exercises, after a several week hiatus in which I was simply running around the entire state with one of my old school friends, and was too exhausted to ever actually do my stretches. I’m supposed to do like, three sets of 15 wall push ups or something, like four times a day, along with several other core strengthening exercises, and today I did two sets and then got bored and just did 70 in a row. I didn’t think it would negatively impact me too much, but now my hand feels funny so I think I overstretched it or something in the process. I’m mildly concerned about this, but mostly it just encourages me to stop exercising, so…eh.

Third of all, I’ve been playing a lot of Spanish scrabble online in an effort to pretend I’m learning Spanish, and first Spanish guys started flirting with me, and I had to deal with that, and then I started a new game today and it keeps freezing and playing all my rounds without my control. The plus side to this is that for once I am obliterating my opponent, but the negative side is that the computer is completely in control and I don’t know why and I am concerned. So I removed the app from the device it was on and am hoping that this isn’t a sign of the dawn of the empire of the computers.

Fourth of all, if it wasn’t clear from the fact that the major substance of this post is about me exercising and playing computer games, I am unemployed and the one friend I had this summer returned back to her home thousands of miles away, so I am unemployed and utterly alone. However, I am doing a ukulele concert in another couple weeks and I should get a couple bucks for that, so that’s kinda like being employed. Plus, after concerts people tend to talk to me, and so for a little while it’s like I have friends in real life. Plus the school thing, that should make friends too.

Anyway, that’s my life and now I gotta go do something…probably…like….watch the computer play Spanish scrabble for me.


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