Just shattering some dreams and stuff…

I feel sick. I ate broccoli with lime juice on it and now my stomach hurts.

Also, I worked with someone who recorded all my ukulele music for free last summer, and I just got the tracks back today to listen to, and…I wanna re-record like all of them. Which is potentially hours of work for both of us, and I don’t think they realized what a perfectionist I was when they first offered to start recording my stuff for free. Now I feel bad. Mainly because I really want a nice sounding recording, and I don’t want to go off to someone else, and I feel like he’s put so much work into it. Which he has. I’m conflicted. On the plus side, I’ve contacted him about it and he seems optimistic that we can make the music sound good, and so, all I can do is wait until we attempt to re-record stuff.

And my brother called me moody and emotional. But that’s just because I was being a little snippy when he was asking questions about my imperfectly recorded music. So then I kind of burst into tears in my room. Which I only did because I was moody and emotional. About my music….

What else…Oh, I’m slightly concerned about the fact that someone calling me moody resulted in me bursting into tears in my room…But…I guess that can happen when you’ve been waiting a year for the results of two weeks of recording and you think you sound horrible.

This is all making my sister’s theory that they somehow messed with the emotional center of my brain while operating on my Chiari a couple years back sound more reasonable. Except for the facthttps://wordpress.com/post/57450585/new that they went nowhere near my actual brain region, like not in the area that her theory would require.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening in my life currently. Stay tuned for more posts as I fumble through the other disorderly parts of my life.



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2 responses to “Just shattering some dreams and stuff…

  1. Feeling better yet?

    • A bit better, we’ve made a plan about how long it will take to re-record stuff and it doesn’t seem too bad. We still haven’t set times to re-record yet though. So yes I’m gonna be releasing music but I don’t know when exactly.

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