How old are you?

Apparently I look like a teenager. I don’t see how this is possible, given that I’m like, 5″10 and I feel like my height alone would make people guess I’m ancient, because according to my niece, age is connected to height. I guess some people have advanced past the thoughts of a five year old, because some recent acquaintance of mine was astonished when they found out we were in the same year of school.

It was kind of funny, he was all chatting on, talking about high school like I was an underling, “Oh yea, I graduated in –this year– ” and after a short pause I was like, “me too!” and he was all “What? I thought you were like, WAAAAY younger than me.” “Uh no…Nope…I’m –this random age that I might have said I was at some point but I’m just going to be vague for the sake of torturing you, while I told him my real age-” And he stared at me in bewilderment.

I don’t know what was so bewildering. I mean, the age that he guessed I was was hardly three years younger than my actual age. Three years isn’t a super big age gap. Unless he thought I was barely the age and he was only guessing it because it’s the legal drinking age and I’ve played music in bars a couple times? Do I really look like I’m a teenager like my brother-in-law said once?

Maybe because I don’t wear make-up?

I saw one of my friends from grade school this year and she said I looked exactly the same, just like I did 10 years ago.

So, I’ve either hit the fountain of youth without knowing it, or people just think I look like a baby because of my face and the fact that I don’t wear makeup. It might be the not wearing makeup thing.

I don’t know. I’m just thinking about it…while I should be asleep, because even if I look like a teenager, I feel like an ancient being.

Oh the irony of having arthritic hips that were once compared to a 70 year old’s, and looking like I’m in high school.

I should go eat some more omega-3 fatty acids.



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