I miss my vacation.

I hate when you have four days vacation left and it feels like your entire break is already gone because of all the stuff you have to do…I don’t want to go back to school.

On a side note, over this break I learned from reading blogs that I am a hopeless slob because I can’t keep my room clean, I’ve painted my nails a ridiculous number of times in an attempt to find the right shade that doesn’t make me look like I have freakish feet, and I’ve written 1 blog post (not counting this one). I’ve also begun an free online Spanish course, watched excessive amounts of television, ate cake, ate lots of food, hung out with my niece, played ukulele for two hours, went shopping at Walmart, attempted to clean my room, chatted on the phone for 2 hours, and counted all the money in my piggy bank  (I have 45 dollars in change….which means I’ve gained $25 in change since I started saving in 2011).

I feel like I should have spent this break better.


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