Love advice for guys (about girls).

Hello dear friend, have you recently found yourself in the following situation:

You’ve said hello to a girl, added her on facebook, spent some time in her presence, been generally nice to her, and now you have suddenly found that she likes you? You aren’t super attractive and are generally awkward and nerdy, and her declaration of infatuation catches you totally off guard. She is tall and beautiful and has the voice of an angel and is basically a supermodel, and now, she likes you, but you pretty much were just her friend and now you don’t know what to do because while she has a million positive qualities, your own self confidence and fear of friends commenting on the height difference generally prevents you from seeing her as anything more than a friend?
Congratulations! You are an idiot.
However, any girl that fell for you probably fell for you because of your personality and because she wanted to, that being said, this probably had less to do with you than with incredible luck, so it will be pretty hard to make her UN- fall in love with you, and I have no advice.

I had a bunch of advice, but it basically came down to avoiding her, but I then realized that it would make it seem like you weren’t her “friend”, and apparently people in this society value having friends over not torturing the people who are in love with them.

Also, I realized that I have no idea how to make people fall out of love, because most of the advice given to me about falling out of it involves falling in love with someone else – and that worked so well for Romeo.

Anyway, I’ve spent two hours editing my list down and cutting out sarcastic diatribes that pretty much just proved how hopeless I am, so I’m done now.

Good luck.

Be yourself and someone will probably fall in love with you.

As long as yourself has a sense of humor, plays guitar, and has a good singing voice.

If you don’t want them to fall in love with you, stop being so awesome and letting them know about it.

– Cat


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