School’s started

Which means I’m back, for who knows how long…Probably all semester. Now that I’m back to being stressed out on a weekly basis, I’ll have plenty of stuff to write about and plenty of procrastination time in which to do it.

This is good. Maybe this creativity will encourage the song-writing creativity which I have been a little lax on since before Christmas.

Plus I’ll be interacting with people more again, so I’ll be able to talk about that too…

Yes, school is definitely a good thing. If only I weren’t so paranoid about spending so much money and time on something that I may not ever want to do.

Too late now…Actually, I think I have a couple weeks before it’s really “too late”, but I mean, I don’t really know what else to do with my life and so far I’m surviving with my whole, M.A. TESOL plan, so maybe this will work out. Maybe I won’t break down into tears again like I possibly did once or thrice last semester and may or may not have done the night before classes this week.

Besides, what do tears mean anyway!? They’re merely a sign that I was completely overwhelmed by something, probably lack of sleep…Did I mention that I’m in communication with the guy that I completely broke off communication with before Halloween because of the inappropriate joke he sent me and the fact that he doesn’t quite comprehend me?

I’m sure that confusion about my future and confusion about my non-existent, unhealthy, confusing, complicated friendships, and lack of sleep all didn’t combine to create the tears the night before my first day of classes.

…It’s like, when it rains it pours.

Three months with nothing interesting, and then he shows up right when I have to figure out my life again and make sure I’m doing what I want to be doing as far as my education and career go.

So, school has started and Cdukulele’s life has gotten interesting again.

Being interesting is exhausting, I got to go finish my homework and sleep.

Night, my imaginary best friends and readers, please feel free to pray for me: like you probably were at some point, I’m not sure what to do with my life, or what to do about the member of the opposite sex who is talking to me and who I don’t understand and who doesn’t quite understand me but who I keep talking to anyway because I talk to people. I probably make my life more complicated than it is. Anyway, thanks for prayers and reading, God bless ya.

– Cdukulele



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5 responses to “School’s started

  1. Grounding is seek balance and reclaim self-esteem. In the end, your intuition is your best friend. Call upon the angels to help if you believe in them.

    • Thank you. The problem is when I get confused between what I think I should do, and what I want to do, and what I think I want to do, when I factor in what I need to do, and what I think I need to do (I may have complicated it more here)…and if I just tell myself “rely on intuition”, then I probably wouldn’t have done half of the good things I’ve done in my life because I’d be afraid they would have gone wrongly. Of course that may mean that I have no idea what my intuition is. I definitely lean on God a lot though, and his angels, asking for help and guidance because a lot of the time I have no idea what I am doing.

      • Ok..If u want answers..try getting yourself a deck of Angelic cards created by a super gifted clairvoyant Doreen Virtue. This lady can see angels and was guided to create those oracle cards. Check Amazon for the reviews (There are more than a dozen cards she created). I’ve used them and find them extremely accurate.

        • Weeeeelll, I don’t believe in cards or fortune telling, because my life is in God’s hands and praying and talking to God and my family and friends and doing what it seems like I should be doing based off the gifts that I have and the opportunities I have been given is what I plan to do.

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