Reading into it.

Random guy friend: “Hey, so, are Jack and Liz together?”

Me: “Oh yeah, they are.”

Random guy friend: “That makes sense…They do seem to go everywhere together and do everything together.”

At that moment in the conversation, I realized how impossible it is for me to tell whether people are asking questions merely because they are curious about the lives of their friends, or if they secretly have a crush on “Liz” and are depressed because their ex left them and stole all their belongings.

The only reason this matters is that I now know how much I can almost get away with asking about the relationship status of a guy I’m interested in. If I’m not sure whether he likes her, then clearly nobody would ever notice whether I liked whoever I like in the hypothetical scenario in which I ask questions about a guy I like.

This doesn’t work with family members…They automatically assume that you are obsessed with any guy you bring up in conversation.

I like having friends.

They don’t know me as well.

Also, props to you if you understood my messy ramblings and loosely constructed logic.



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