Just being

I stayed up until 4 watching T.V. shows.

But I still managed to wake up in time to skype one of my college friends, so I think that I did a good job.

I need to order school books and clean my room.

I always need to clean my room.

I also need to write a new ukulele song.

I just realized that the latest chord progression I’m using sounds a lot like “Little Wooden Head” from Pinocchio.


This is what happens when you’re an “adult” on winter break.

It’s surprisingly less depressing than all my previous winter breaks, when by the end of it I was desperate to get back to school and to my life and to my friends. I don’t know why I’m not so desperate now…perhaps because I can do all the stuff that I do while class is in session, I just have more time to do it.  And having four hours of grad classes a week isn’t the same as 12 hours a week.

I haven’t created any new songs or posts or anything recently, so I figured the best way to get over that lack of creativity was to just do it. So that’s it. I did.

Stretch time.

– cdukulele


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