I just realized I have a month left before I start classes again.

This means that I can totally finish reading Moby Dick, and write a crazy amount of ukulele songs, and watch a whole bunch of Neflix.

Man…so much free time.

I should get a job…at some point.

I don’t wanna.

I need that license to drive that all the cool cats have.

I was practicing driving with my brother the other day, and after horrible experiences resulting from firstly, my lack of driving experience, and secondly, a person who tried to change lanes in front of me at an intersection, I never wanted to drive again.

Then today I drove home from Church. I messed up again. It’s really rather disheartening. I do not enjoy being in control of a massive vehicle that has the potential to kill, surrounded by other vehicles with that same potential, all being operated by fallible humans. I guess I get to work on the driving thing for the next 22 days then.


WELL, hope you all had a restful vacation, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.During my holidays my hand finally healed up (it was recovering from the stress of finals), our internet went out for several days (I learned how peaceful life without distractions is), and I managed to flip my sleeping schedule entirely so that at one point I went to bed at 6am and started my day well into the afternoon.

Very eventful times.

I have to go now…work on a ukulele song, or eat something, or plan my life for the next twenty days, or think of a way to not let anyone else know that I’m still off so that I don’t get guilted into doing work-related things that I may want to avoid…I mean, I would totally help people if they asked me too…as they no doubt will when they realize that I have so much free time………I need to go contribute to society.

Happy New Year!- Cdukulele


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