St. Lucy

I just have five days left. Five days until the semester is over. Five days and then I’ll find out how the semester really went. Well, after the professors put the grades through, then I’ll find out how the semester went…

I don’t wanna work anymore.

Man, I’ve had at least a visitor a day on this site for the past 9 days.

I’ve also posted pretty frequently I guess.

Thank you for visiting me.

I have to think about school again.

School school…

Grrr…finals are polluting my holiday season again.

I really don’t have much to say.

I’d rant about a guy that I can’t stop thinking about, but I stop thinking about him every time I think of everything I need to do for school, so it isn’t much of a rant.

I’m just…soooo unfortunately focused.

Maybe some guy will ask me out on a date again this January…that’d be exciting….And that is my very pathetic life. Thinking about potentially going on another date with a random person. Wooh. A date a year. At that rate, I’ll be married by…who needs to be married! Psh, the single life is the life for me! I’ll write my papers and sing my songs and go be a depressingly single professor who owns two cats and a netflix subscription.

That’s the life.

But first, I have to get through these next five days. I don’t want to. I wanna obsess about crushes instead.

Darn this, “pretending to be a grown up” life.

Okay. I’m all pointlessly ranted out. My heart was barely in it. I’m still mostly thinking about the school thing.



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