I am just gonna watch Netflix.

I was about to make a dramatic post about pathetic loneliness and wishes for the perfect person to come into my life, but wishing doesn’t make things come true.

It’s nice to know that I want things again though.

At a certain point in my life I was just happy to be alive.

Now I’m discontent and want more.


The best part is I don’t even know what I want. Half the time I just want to live in my own little apartment and sip tea and never be bugged by anyone and just play ukulele and read books….and then the other half I want to go sing for people and talk to people and see them and hear them and fall in love with the perfect guy who really isn’t perfect but actually is trying and actually cares enough to talk to me and be with me and doesn’t care about how ridiculously flawed I am in every way that the world cares about. Who appreciates me.


I’m going to go watch Netflix…because if I go to sleep now I will wake up early and have to do school work, and if I go to sleep late I’ll wake up early and have to do school work…So why not… waste my time?

My precious time given by God for me to glorify his name by being the best version of myself possible…and I am going to watch Netflix. Watch Netflix and be amazing tomorrow?

Those are how thoughts progress in my head. Random scatterings of thoughts.

Or maybe I’ll sleep. I’ll see.

Goodnight, I need to chill.


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