Little thought

I like singing with people. I definitely sing better than I play ukulele…But finding people to sing with is more difficult than writing songs on ukulele.

Also, I like friends. I like having friends.

For example, I took a Grammar final today, but I took it with my professor’s 3 o’clock class instead of my class, and once I walked in I heard voices saying “CATHERINE!!!” and a chorus of hellos…I recognized four of the people from my other English class, but there were also people I didn’t even know I knew saying hi to me. It felt nice. I like being liked and acknowledged. It was a good moment. It was also a surprising moment…I didn’t know people were so friendly…I mean, I went to one of the friendliest schools for undergrad, and I don’t remember groups of people cheerfully shouting my name when they saw me enter a classroom…

Anyway, it was a good moment, and I’m pretty sure I aced that final…I think…

Well, I have to go munch on some food and do something useful and not start stalking any musicians I know on facebook now.

Goodnight. 🙂


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