Living Vicariously Through You

That’s my new motto.

Anyway, today one of my classmates said “I love you, I’m gonna miss you”, to which I thoughtfully shot back, “I’m not dead.”

Thirty seconds later the thoughtfulness of her remark hit me.

It’s nice to be appreciated.

I’m going to miss her too. Several of my classmates, really. …and I will probably never see that small handful of them again because I’m a grad student, and GOODBYE PRE-REQUISITES! Hello real grad school…Well, hanging out with the little kids was fun while it lasted. Like being a big sister. 20 year olds are cute, they laugh at my jokes and are generally impressed by my intelligence. …Actually, it’s a state school, so some of them were older than me…But the way in which they flocked toward my knowledge and kept asking me grammar questions like I knew what I was doing, I’ll miss that.

The other graduate students tend to actually do all of their work and understand things better than me most of the time, so I’m about to go back to being a little fish. A little fish in ocean of people who have already taught in other countries or been lawyers for the past twenty years. They all seem to permeate knowledge and confidence…or at least a lack of vulnerability, some sense of resolve. Something.

Well, that’s all for today. Oh, and the title, the motto, that’s just because I have no life outside of grammar right now, and I just read random blogs where people actually hang out with people, and that was my first thought in response…which is confusing as a title, but I don’t care.




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