Today I ate some blueberry pie, and I didn’t leave my house.

Days that I don’t have to leave my house are like little treasures after a busy week.

Or they are horrible days of monotony that just go on and on because I have no life.

A perfect balance is required to keep me from depressing over it.

(I just turned an adjective into a verb…Or I simply changed the meaning of the verb. It was either a semantic or functional shift. It was a shift. Grammar. That’s the kind of stuff I’ve been learning in Grad school.)

Anyway, I was supposed to do some music-related activity today, and like, leave my house at some point, but that got cancelled and now it’s happening on Monday. But it might get cancelled again. The person I do music related stuff with and I are kind of lazy. Well, we just get lots of good reasons to delay doing the important music stuff. Like sleep. Employment. Doctor’s appointments. School. It’s totally fine though, I practiced jamming on my ukulele, and was about to post one of my renditions of a Harry Nilson song until my brother told me it was copyright infringement, and so then I hung out with my niece and my parents and ultimately ate pie.

Isn’t my life exciting?

Know what the best part of this exciting day was? There was no obsession with crushes!

My phone is out of order, so nobody can contact me, and there is so much going on with my finals coming and music that I haven’t had time to obsess. I’ve actually been content.

Well, besides the fact that I’m still questioning the benefit of grad school and don’t know what I’m doing with my life, I’m content!


Let’s see how long this will last for. Probably just until after I present my final projects.

Well, happy stress time!

When you’re so preoccupied about failure that there’s no time to worry about your lack of a personal life.


(Also, “content” is a funny word. Like, from the title you can’t tell if I’m being extremely vague and just writing about writing, or if I’m writing about happiness…And I’m not the best with titles, so that’s the one that this one got. Accept it. )


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