Suggesting some music

So, I have a lot to do in the next two weeks, school and a concert and stuff.

So I was super stressed.

So I played ukulele for four hours.

It actually did really get rid of that stress.

Also, I love Harry Nilsson.
Listen to his songs, the last two here have the cartoon animations from the film with all of his songs in it:

Mourning Glory


Think about your troubles

Are you sleeping

Just click on them. Enjoy the talent. I love him. His existence brings me joy. Well, he’s dead now, but he better be in heaven. I’ll be praying.

(In the event that the links don’t work because of course, the internet, youtube, other countries, stuff, GOOGLE SEARCH HIM. Please. It will be worth it. Probably. I mean, I think it’s worth it. Or find a way to find him. Same era of the Beatles. )


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