One of my friends keeps calling me whenever he’s driving to work.

We chat about life, the fact that he’s driving to work, school, his girlfriend.

Fifteen to twenty minutes later, the conversation ends, and I can look forward to the next time my phone will suddenly start ringing.

He’s like the only friend of mine that ever calls me anymore, and I rarely call him.

In fact, I rarely call any of my friends.

It still confuses me sometimes, the he and I conversations.

We just talk. Small talk. Just person to person, every day talk.

It’s interesting having a friend who is a guy. Guy friends confuse me.

I don’t expect them to be my friends and to maintain my friendship and to still talk to me when they are actually in relationships.

When they are thousands of miles away.

When they have their own lives that I am zero a part of.

But, as you may already know, my understandings of, and interactions with, the opposite sex are pretty limited.

Every time a guy initiates a conversation with me in any circumstance I’m pretty surprised.

I blame my all girls high school experience. That probably messed me up for life.

I don’t at all know what  friendship is when it comes to guys.This is probably one of those things that you learn about throughout your life and takes time. Darn it.

Or maybe I’m just so focused on the fact that they are different from me that I don’t ever think about how sometimes you just call your friend because you want to talk to them. And guys can have friends just like I have friends…

I should really stop dividing the world into THEM versus ME categories…

Well, that was my little note on friendship and guys and boring stuff that wasn’t very interesting and now I am hungry and need to go find delicious food to eat and not stay up until 5am again tonight watching Gilmore Girls (Which also doesn’t help me figure out proper guy interactions.)

– cdukulele


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