I don’t like these results

Who Should You Marry?

  1. You got: a robot programmed to love

    You should marry a robot programmed to love. You might be skeptical about a love robot, but just remember β€” a robot can give you the kind of unconditional love a person never could. If you really, truly want to be happy, you should get out there and find a very special robot to love and responsibly care for with regular maintenance and upkeep.”

Not that I put much stock in the random internet questionnaire that included things like “Which dog would be at your wedding”, when the answer to that question is “NONE OF THE ABOVE. No dogs. None. Never.”, but still…I don’t like how this bodes for my future.

Oh, I put a link to the quiz in that title above, so feel free to take the quiz and then tell me that it automatically tells everyone that they are going to marry a robot, and that I’m not the only one with impossible expectations.

I didn’t know wanting fancy food at your wedding was impossible…It looked so delicious and I didn’t even know what it was. I am so hungry.





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4 responses to “I don’t like these results

  1. Hmmm….maybe you’re right,and everyone does get robot.
    They…are probably trying to make us decrease our expectations.
    Yeah,I got a robot,too.

  2. bkpkwithpeanut

    I got pizza. I’m not mad. Slightly confused, but love does that sometimes.

  3. You’re going to marry a pizza? Will it be a pizza with bacon on it, because otherwise you’ll probably have to find a way to support yourself and the pizza. Someone needs to be bringing home the bacon (please forgive my horrible pun).
    Also, I think I prefer a robot programmed to love over a pizza. At least robots are non-perishable…But pizza is pretty good. It probably will never get a mind of its own and become a psycho killer maniac pizza…Although it could hurt you if you were lactose intolerant.

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