Vodka Cranberry

My sister walked up to the guy that I said was the cutest in the whole bar, and started talking to him; I was busy hiding at the table in the back of the bar with my cousin and brother-in-law, wanting to know what was happening without actually looking.

I glanced up. She was staring at me mischievously and waving for me to come over. I stared at her and did nothing. She kept waving. I remained seated. Then, she turned back to the guy with gorgeous eyes. Several words later she was looking at me again and attempting to wave me over. I finally came. Trudging, slowly, across the bar, trying to look completely innocent and like I didn’t know who this crazy lady was.

“Catherine, this is Tom! He’s gay and he has a boyfriend in Connecticut….and he sings!”

It figures.

Last time we were at that particular bar, she and my cousin were literally pushing me into a guy from Hawaii and telling him very personal details about me (An event further described here.). This time, my sister was just introducing me to gay men. His eyes were so pretty.

He and I chatted about music for a little bit, my sister made me sing for him, and then he talked about how he played the piano (and I envied his boyfriend just a little bit more…) and used to be in a band. A life of perfect friendship with no fear of rejection because I had already just been rejected, or rather, never thought of in the first place, flashed before my eyes.

But then he and his friends had to leave.

I wonder…If my liking him was considered flattering, or if he preferred not to think about it? I guess when anyone innocently admires you at a bar, it’s generally good, right?
I should probably just not think about it. (Though it is comforting to know that he told my sister about his boyfriend before she pointed out who the girl who thought he was cute was…)

Anyway, I’ve yet again proven that I am attracted to unattainable men. Though, if he and I became friends, I would never have to worry about misinterpreting his intentions. Just a clear, pure, friendship. Where he never sends me creepy texts that have a double meaning and then pretends he was just joking.

Oh life.

I need to be attracted to a single guy with beautiful eyes, who is attracted to me too…in various ways that include loving me as a person and not sending me creepy texts or confusing me or ignoring important things like the fact that I don’t want to hang out with him alone at his house, because I don’t like the potential situation that puts us in.


Well, it was definitely an interesting night, and I am glad that I met Tom.

– Cdukulele


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