My fault

I don’t have a car.

Or a license.

Or a job.

Or an apartment.

Or independence.

I go to classes and I play ukulele.

I can’t afford to have a manager.

I might have hired my brother as a manager.

I do not want to give you 10% of the quarter you gave me for writing that song. It’s ridiculous.

Why did you even give me a quarter if you’re going to demand 2.5 cents back?

It is ridiculous, isn’t it?

I gave you 7 dollars. That’s more than 10 percent of all the money I’ve made from music. I don’t know what percentage it is, because I don’t know how to figure out how if 6.4 is ten percent of 64, what percent of 6.4 is 7 dollars. Apparently, it’s almost 11 percent. The internet.

Anyway, I’m not just trying to be selfish. I’m not trying to be selfish at all. You can have the 7 dollars, you can have the two cents, but seriously…….You’re going to ask for two cents and then imply that I owe you more money?

When…You have the job, and the car, and the employment, and the benefits, and the time, and you joke about how the money I made from that show in half an hour is nothing compared to what you make in the same time, and you demand the two cents.

Take the two cents.

Take the 10 percent.

Take the money.

Just stop being my manager.

I don’t need you to be my manager.

I don’t need you to put down my music and my songs and say that they are “good enough”, to drive me places begrudgingly, to make me feel guilty for taking up your precious time, to tell me that that song is good, but you gave me the idea for it, so where are your royalties.

You’re acting like I’m a millionaire.

If I was a millionaire, I’d accept the way you were acting. It would make sense. I would be selfish.

But I don’t have money.

Don’t you know I don’t have money?

You’re my brother for goodness sake.

Why are you being so mean?

Even jokingly, why are you being so mean?



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2 responses to “My fault

  1. bkpkwithpeanut

    Gezz, sorry your brother nickel and dime-d you. Have you tried playing your music on youtube? It would let you manage yourself in social media.

    WordPress-ers and I are rootin’ for you!

    • Yeah, he apologized after I tried to explain this to him and burst into tears. I hate how often I seem to escape problems by bursting into tears. It’s not a choice, it just happens. Stupid tear-ducts…ANYWAY, um, no, I haven’t put anything up on youtube yet. I’m…biding my time. Mainly, I prefer not to be permanently recorded on the internet to see…But I may change my mind about that. We’ll see.
      Anyway, thanks for the support. My brother is a good person too, just a bit unwise sometimes.

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