The watered-down-version of my life recently.

1. I’ve ended all contact with a recent friend of the last couple months because he sent me a creepy text.

2. I don’t wannnnnanannananananan do homework, and I’ve realized that the more “grown up” I become, the less I want to do actual work.

3. I created an event page for a show that I’m gonna be in, because an event didn’t exist for it yet, and now I’m only slightly concerned that the rest of the artists will yell at me for some reason. I think I scare easily.

4. I’m soooo getting over that one guy that I was in love with who is totally now dating this one girl and who I see all the time with her, and who I am forced to be friendly with because I love him. He still gives me hugs. He is awesome. Oh the pain.

5. I am also so over that last first person that I was in love with, who I wound up chilling with the other day, and I found out that he is working on a music project with the other person that I am also not in love with anymore, and all the people I’m in love with are colliding. Friendship spheres are mixing! PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE!!

6. A young man sent me a message after my show calling me weird, but in a good way.

7. These are confusing sentences, but every time I tried to make them less vague I would go into full post length discussions of them, and then I would fear that I really said too much, so now I’m just giving you a superficial run down of what’s been going on in my life recently.

Mainly: I don’t have any more new crushes, I’m just actually becoming friends with ex-crushes, and the song stuff I do seems to be going okay, and I like to pretend school doesn’t exist.

The end.

Love you.



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